Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yay all accommodation is booked, and so is the bag carrier, using the very kind people at sherpa van for the bag carrier.

so this is our itinerary for the 12 days ;

  • 18th - st bee's - Ennerdale - 17 miles

  • 19th - Ennerdale - Seatoller - 9 miles

  • 20th - Seatoller - Patterdale - 22 miles

  • 21st - Patterdale - Shap - 13miles

  • 22nd - Shap - Kirby Stephen - 22miles

  • 23rd - Kirby Stephen - Keld - 11miles

  • 24th - Keld - Reeth - 11miles

  • 25th - Reeth - Colburn Village - 13 miles

  • 26th - Colburn Village - Ingleby Cross - 23 miles

  • 27th - Ingleby Cross - Chop Gate - 14 miles

  • 28th - Chop Gate - Glaisdale - 15 miles

  • 29th Glaisdale - robin hoods bay - 20 mile

Thursday, 17 March 2011

so we have nearly booked all the accommodation only 3 more nights to sort, hope to get that done tomorrow!!!
Then the real stress begins, Packing, repacking making sure i only take the bear essentials and that sean doesnt leave his packing till the day we set off, and then there are gonna be the days when we realise we are mad for doing this!!!!

Carnt wait to get going now tho :-)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Just Giving Page

we also have a just giving page to help raise money for francis house chidrens hospice, please have a look

Francis house provides care for children and young adults with life treatening conditions, and support & friendship for the whole family.

Getting Started

Me and Sean will start our coast to coast on May 18th @ st Bee's and end on May 29th @ Robin Hoods Bay. We are doing the walk to raise money for Francis House Childrens Hospital, this week we started to book our accommodation, turned out to be a little stressful, trying to keep costs down aswell as trying to find places that havent been booked up yet!!