Our Mountain Walks

i first started mountain walks with Sean in October 09 starting with Helvellyn and its been the best thing iv ever done, so far other than our coast to coast and Helvellyn, we have walked Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Highstreet and Scafell Pike, up to now Helvellyn has been my favourite  and have done that twice now.

Helvellyn Oct 2009

So my first walk up Helvellyn i wont lie was hell as we walked up to Hole in the Wall, when we reached the top i said to Sean 'that wasn't so bad' then Sean pointed the other way and said there's the mountain, i must admit my heart sank, as we walked over Striding Edge a lady froze in front of me after realising she was scared of heights, made me think for a min but luckily i got past her and found that i wasn't, i must admit i really dint realise we would be walking over a ridge, but once the shock wore off and i sore how beautiful the views were i new i wanted to see more, and that this is what i wanted to do whenever possible and then once at the top of Helvellyn i understood why people get hooked on this kind of thing, i was nervous on my way down Swirrel Edge and thankfully all the people behind me dint mind how slow i was going down since i found a way of going down on my bum lol, when we had finished and id looked back at what we had done i was ready for my next walk, tho don't think Sean was looking forward to my new routine of moaning and some swearing all the way up the mountains as well as a few tears on some, although as soon as we reach the top of each I'm always unapologetic and have a big cheesy grin on my face, its a good job he knows i only mean the good stuff that i say when i reach the tops and not the other stuff :-)

Snowdon 28th Dec 2009

My second mountain was Snowdon, was an amazing day, tho the snow in allot of places came up to our knees but we laughed all day, and i was very impressed that i dint brake the nails id had done for new year :-) never new walking in the snow could be so magical, I'm yet to see the cafe at the top when its not covered in ice and snow but worried it will be to busy when its open and spoil it

High Street 13th March 2011

This was a tuff day for me walking with a group of experienced walkers but kept my head down listening to my mp3 and made it to the top where i had a nice big grin on my face staying true to form lol.

Ben Nevis July 2010

When we did this walk we were on a bit of a road trip we started in Scotland then later in the week we went to the lakes and walked Helvellyn was a really fun week, had a B&B in Scotland and camped in Hawkshead in the lakes, i enjoyed ben nevis allot more than i thought i would as id had a bit more practise and my pace was getting a bit quicker which I'm sure Sean was very happy with.

Scafell Pike 24 Feb  2011

Unfortunately while walking up scafell we had allot of tears and tantrums from me as i was really unwell with my endo and the weather was awful couldn't see a thing, i even told Sean i was never doing any walking ever again but as normal as soon as i got to the top i was saying sorry to Sean and obviously didn't mean i was never walking again or i wouldn't have done the C2C, but it wouldn't be a mountain walk with me if there wasn't a little strop, which I'm glad to say i did non of on the C2C so hopefully iv got over that now but we will see on my next mountain :-)

Crinkle Crags

We walked this on the 15/09/2011 and I'm glad to say we could not have asked for better weather. There was something magical about this one tho i cant put my finger on what it was that made it feel this way, maybe its because I'm getting better at walking or because it was Sean's first time up there as well,  but whatever it was it made that day amazing, and I'm looking forward to our next walk. i think I'm starting to see what Alfred Wainwright fell in love with in the lakes.

"Surely there is no other place in this whole wonderful world quite like Lakeland...no other so exquisitely lovely, no other so charming, no other than calls so insistently across a gulf of distance. All who truly love Lakeland are exiles when away from it.''Alfred Wainwright
 Our Pics from our mountain walks

Ben Nevis July 2010


High Street 13th March 2010

Scafell Pike 24th feb 2011

Snowdon 28th December 2009