Tuesday, 31 May 2011

the catch up

hi everyone, sorry we were not able to update while we were on the trip but internet access was not possible, so over the next few days i will try and catch up on the posts :-)


Sunday, 15 May 2011

last bits before we set off

only one more full day before we set off to st Bee's, doing the finishing touches on the packing, stressed doesnt even begin to cover how im feeling now, we decided to take the tent we bought back, and use our old one which then made our bag too heavy so had to repack both bags, then we were wondering if we should go an rebuy the one we took back, had to reduce the cloths im taking and the food we're taking, spent 3 hours doing that last bit of shopping that of course we thought would only take 5 mins lol, wishing ww were just back packing the whole way now.  carnt wait till the excitment takes over the nerves  :-)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

carnt belive we setting off in 3 days, feel like we have loads to do, tho we probably near enough set. am a bit excited now but very very nervous :-)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

05 of May and 12 days to go!

Well, 12 days to go until we set of and Sarah has hit panic stations and booked an extra bag with the sherpa van people, although I must admit, after starting to bring some of our gear together last night an extra 20kg bag of gear for the van to carry is looking a good idea what with stoves, pans, sleeping bags & tent taking up one of the bags already!!

Monthly forecasts are starting to pick up the periods we will be walking and early indications are looking favourable with warmer conditions set to continue, however, confidence in rainfall predictions are still low at them moment as lower pressure looks to cover North England............a lot can change, keep your fingers crossed for us!!