Wednesday, 23 May 2012

St Bee's to Ennerdale Bridge 9/5/2012

We arrived in St Bee's on the 8th and stayed at stone house farm (, was such a lovely little B&B we had a little cottage to our selves, would really recommend it to anyone staying in St Bee's, would also recommend the coast to coast bar for evening meals :), we set off from St Bee's @ 8am, setting off to the beach to dip our boots in the sea and pick our stones for putting in the sea @ Robin Hood's Bay, had lovely sunny weather that lasted all day, perfect start to our walk, walking along the coast we noticed there were allot more people setting off this time round, was also the first time we met the lovely Keith, who would become a very good friend along the way, going up Dent Hill this year we found that we had amazing views of the Scottish mountains and the Isle of Man, which we were unable to see last year, so even @ this early on it felt like we were on a completely different walk than the last time.

We stayed at Low Cock How bunkhouse ( again as it had been so good the last time we stayed, Dorothy made us a cuppa and some chocolate biscuits when we arrived and put the fire on, made us feel really welcome, That evening Sean suggested that we walk into ennerdale village and found a great little community run pub, the fox and hound (, the landlord there is the friendliest man iv ever met, with so many stories to tell, we lost track of time talking to him and couldn't get a taxi so he got his chef to drop us off, but wouldn't take a penny off us for the journey. A very good start to our 12 days :)

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