Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ennerdale to Rosthwaite

We set off @ 8am all wrapped up in our waterproofs, couldn't believe the change in the weather, we were recommended to walk the North side of Ennerdale water in bad weather and it made it a different walk to last year. On the way we stopped in at Ennerdale youth hostel, we hadn't seen it last year, so was a nice surprise in the rain. the long walk to black sail youth hostel was very dull in the rain but we got our heads down and made good time, we stopped here for lunch bumping into Keith again and meeting some more people that would also become good friends along the way, there was Richard and Frank from Canada who looked completely frozen in there shorts and sun hats, we also met Bob and Brian who were both in there 70's walking the coast to coast to raise money for the walking wounded, they were also camping while there wives did the support driving trying to get them into accommodation on the days with really bad weather like today. The walk from black sail up the steep climb up the side of loft beck was made more tricky as all the paths had turned into streams because of the bad weather but with Richard and Frank we made it across the raging beck and onto the right path, later in the the day we heard that some people couldn't make it across the beck and had to turn back, was glad we dint have to, after the climb up the side of loft beck we started the long descent to Honister mine were everyone stopped for a quick warm and then we carried on the road way into Rosthwait to our B&B Nook Farm, after a nice warm up we went to the riverside bar for dinner. it seemed like all the coast to coasters we had met so far were in here making the night very enjoyable, but it was also a good bye to some as some people were splitting the next day so it would be the last time we see them.

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