Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 10 Ingleby Cross to Beakhills Farm – Chop Gate 9 miles

The evening before Sharon had asked us to join them for breakfast which we gratefully accepted, and I have to say Kerry is a genius, cooking scrambled eggs, outdoors, no microwave, on a stove to perfection in the rain……brilliant. So with a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, beans and bread we set off for Beakhills farm near Chop Gate, a nice short 9 mile day planned today.
We set off walking at 09:10 and soon began to climb up through Arncliffe wood, and although it was quite a steep climb it was a welcome one after the rather boring flat lands of yesterday. Sarah and Sharon were soon off in to the distance and me and Martin walked together, stopping to take some picture of the amazing views back across the Vale of Mowbray as we reached the top of Beacon Hill, the visibility today was fantastic with great views to match.

As we walked across the moors we continued to get excellent views, although we also noticed some rain showers moving in our direction, although a few miles away as yet we kept one eye on the situation. The four of us walked across the moors and sure enough the rain did catch up with us and the water proofs were on once again, although it was only a short but heavy shower.

elevation profile

After a really enjoyable walk across the high ground we descended steeply and were soon at the much talked about Lord Stones Café, and we could see why, Martin rightly pointed out “this is what I thought every day on the coast to coast would be like” nice walk in the morning, not much rain followed by tea and cake at a café about an hour or so before the end of the day. But no, today was the shortest day of the whole walk and we made the most of our relaxed afternoon.

the view from our camp site
 Me and Sarah were booked to stay at Beakhills Farm tonight, while Martin, Kerry, Sharon and Paul were booked in Great Broughton, so we soon went our separate ways after a certain amount of piss taking from Martin, convinced we were booked in to a hell whole. However when we arrived at 15:30 and Beakhills farm was very nice indeed and we were invited in for tea and biscuit’s while the grass was cut on our camp. We then set up the tent in a wonderful setting over looking the Beakhills valley and we cooked a pasta Dolmio stir in meal for tea on the stove.

After tea the farmer offered to run us to the local pub and collect us afterwards, which was really nice as the nearest pub was 3 miles away. Once at the Black Bull Inn were pleased to see Joyce and John again and so had a nice evening chatting to them before being picked up at 9 and retuned to our camp. We confirmed our breakfast for 7am with the farmer, got the kettle on for a brew and turned in for the night, another day over on this amazing adventure we now found ourselves on, and looking forward to seeing the Wainstones in the morning which I was looking forward to, we were set for the night.

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