Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 11 Beakhills Chop Gate to Glaisdale 20 miles

We were up early at 6am today after a good nights sleep, we wanted to get the tent packed away before breakfast as we has a long 20 mile day planned today after our nice short day yesterday. We sat down for a full English at Beakhills farm “the works” and as with some other places in this blog, Beakhills farm is recommended as a nights stopping point, very nice couple and a great breakfast.

elevation profile

We were on the march to Glaisdale for just before 8am and soon had an early wake up call with a steep climb up to Hasty Bank, there is then a steep decent before another climb, albeit a worthwhile one to the Wainstones, we were lucky to have excellent conditions in terms of visibility to view the Wainstones and the views from them. They really stand out from the rest of Carlton Moor, the rocky stones jolt in to the sky, scared by years of folk climbing on them with two more this morning, I was pleased to be here and made sure we got a few good pictures, a land mark moment on the coast to coast.

us with fat betty

Still, we had about 19 miles walking ahead of us not too much time could be lost here despite how nice it was so on we pressed across the long walk over Live Moor using the disused rail track. The weather held out and we had a really good pace about us, overtaking other walkers we went, we arrived at the Lion Inn Blakey Ridge bang on target for lunch, we got a seat and I headed to the bar and got us a pot of tea for two, Martin and the rest of the gang were in there already and enjoying pint! We resisted the temptation and stuck to the tea for the time being. After a bit of lunch and a team photo we pressed on across Danby High Moor heading for Glaisdale.

We walked with Sharon, Kerry and Martin for the rest of the day as we were all booked in at the same place tonight, Hollins Farm. There was quite a moment that afternoon as we descended to Glaisdale, and for me it really brought home how much I now loved this walk, a view of the North Sea!!! Whilst it was a pleasing moment, and brought a sense of achievement I couldn’t help thinking our journey was nearing it’s end, the aches, pains, down moments, rain and wind for a moment were all forgotten, and all the great places and people we met came to my forethoughts………..still some way to go yet though!!

We arrived at Hollins farm after a long walk that afternoon and we were please to be there as the legs had signalled to me they’d had enough for today. There was a notice for everything at the farm, don’t do this, don’t do that, no noise after 10pm none before 7am, no walking here or there………you get the picture. We were only there one night and it was a good job as we were bound to slip up and break a rule, despite that it was a lovely place, very pleasant and we had a nice stay. Paul very kindly drove us to Whitby so we could use a cash machine and get some supplies, as Glaisdale was pretty limited in that respect.

Martin Enjoying the heat
Once back Sharon and Kerry cooked up an excellent curry and I settled in the farm barn with a dodgy tuned TV set to watch the Manchester United v Barcelona Game, but the less said about that the better, it was not going to spoil my trip that’s for sure and the others sat around the camp fire they were forced to use.

We headed for bed after a bit of a chat and about our final day tomorrow and how and when we were going to arrive in Robin Hoods bay, and another day came to an end……….tomorrows the last day and I fell asleep hoping for good weather and a great last day.

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